2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone, including DJs. With the closure of venues due to COVID-19, many DJs took to live streaming platforms like Twitch. The party didn’t stop – it just moved.

Today, we bring you our inaugural 2020 DJ Report, a set of charts that shows what DJs played this year with Beatsource LINK. (Don’t have LINK? Start your free trial.)

Most Played Tracks

DaBaby, Drake, and Roddy Ricch have the most tracks on the chart, with three each.

Most Played Remixes

Purple Disco Machine has the most remixes on the chart, with two entries.

Most Saved Playlists

Hip-hop/rap playlists dominate the chart, with six entries.

  1. Club Prime Time – Hip-Hop
  2. Rap Essentials
  3. Dance Essentials
  4. Throwback Acapellas
  5. Learn-To-Mix Level 1 – Hip-Hop
  6. Throwback Instrumentals
  7. Afrobeats Essentials
  8. R&B Essentials
  9. Club Prime Time – Dance
  10. Viral Essentials
  11. Reggae & Dancehall Essentials
  12. Rap Royalty
  13. Pop Essentials
  14. Serato Presents: Party Starters
  15. Latin Essentials
  16. Where’s That Hip-Hop Sample From?
  17. Hip-Hop Party Starters
  18. Pop Weddings
  19. R&Beats
  20. Club Prime Time – Reggae & Dancehall

Note: Beatsource LINK launched in early May, which means this report is based on data from early May to early December. While it doesn’t represent a full calendar year, it does represent all of LINK’s data for the year (seven month’s worth).