Staff Picks

Many of our team members are DJs with years of experience. In our Staff Picks series, we’ll introduce you to our key employees and give you insight into the music they love.

Anthony Polis

Anthony Polis
Digital Marketing Director

Los Angeles
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“I Wanna Be Your Lover” – Prince
Prince wrote a song titled “(There’ll Never B) Another Like Me.” He wasn’t exaggerating. The Minneapolis native is one of music’s greatest songwriters, producers, and performers of all time. The breakdown of this 1979 hit is so damn funky; how can you not move to it? R.I.P.

“Miss You” – The Rolling Stones
The Stones are labeled as a rock band, but their sound was heavily influenced by blues, soul, and in the case of this track, disco. I love it when DJs play it, which isn’t nearly enough.

“Could You Be Loved” – Bob Marley & The Wailers
This is my favorite track from one of my favorite artists. It’s a timeless, feel-good anthem that works great in many situations, especially at the end of the night.

Emily Kim

Emily Kim
Content Operations Manager

Los Angeles

Bodies” – Tycho RemixThe Knocks, Muna
This remix is exactly the vibe I enjoy listening to on a daily basis.

"TASTY" - Shygirl

“TASTY” – Shygirl
I recently found this artist, and these remixes are all great and energy-sparking!

“Both Of Us” – Jayda G
This track never fails to put me in a good mood and really deserves all of the love it has received. It’s simple, yet I could never get tired of this track!


Chris Brackley
aka Mojaxx
Content Creator

25+ years DJing
Newcastle, U.K.
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“Harmony” – Extended Mix – Benny Page, Origin8a & Propa
Benny Page has the rare skill of producing drum and bass tracks that work for not just the heads, but for open format crowds too. His productions always bring great energy to a room, and this release from earlier this year has that in spades.

Where It’s At” – Beck
Rock and alternative sounds have always been a big part of my open-format sets, and this track connects that world to hip-hop in an effortless way. As the track says, all you need is “two turntables and a microphone,” although some genius production from The Dust Brothers always helps a bit too.

“Push The Feeling On” – The Dub Of Doom Nightcrawlers, MK
Legend has it that MK produced this remix in one take, with one monitor speaker blown after the label turned down his first attempt. Thirty years later, his version has been sampled, flipped, and remixed a hundred times, but the raw power of his original “Dub Of Doom” has never diminished. My favorite record of all time!

DJ Ivan G

Ivan Martinez
aka DJ Ivan G
Latin Curator

25 years DJing
Dallas and CancĂșn, Mexico
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Imprescindibles - Hombres G

Imprescindibles – Hombres G
Hombres G is the first Spanish rock group that I listened to growing up. My older brothers and sisters rocked them loud on the radio in the late ’80s, and their music brings back so many memories. I will always listen to them when I feel disconnected from my roots.

Vida de Rico” – Camilo
Camilo is an amazing new artist with so much talent and radio hits, and he just got here! I love all his radio tracks, especially this cumbia because my two-year-old baby starts dancing as soon as he hears it.

“Take Me in Your Arms” – Lil Suzy
Freestyle music is what I mixed when I started to DJ in the mid-90s. Lil Suzy‘s music was some of the first vinyl that I collected and one of the best Latin freestyle artists to do it with many radio hits. This song brings back so many great memories of rocking house parties and will always be a part of my freestyle sets.

DJ Spider

Oliver Nathan
aka DJ Spider
Content Creator

25 years DJing
Los Angeles
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The Infamous - 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition - Mobb Deep

The Infamous – 25th Anniversary Expanded Edition – Mobb Deep
This is a classic ’90s hip-hop album that I used to listen to from front to back, non-stop. It has amazing production, amazing raps, and voices, classic beats from Havoc and Q-Tip (Queensbridge, represent). It was one of the albums that represented the definitive sound of that era. Also, my CD version used to get all scratched up, so it’s nice to have this version with the instrumentals on Beatsource.

“Here I Come” – Barrington Levy
This is one of the ultimate sing-along reggae and dancehall songs. I don’t think there is any way to get sick of this song. “I’m broad, I’m broad, I’m broader than broadway!”

“Sir Duke” – Stevie Wonder
The horns, the drums, the vocals, all of it! Stevie Wonder played all the instruments on this and wrote and sang all the lyrics. How insane is that? It’s classic, timeless, feel-good music from one of the gods of music himself. The whole album is something everyone should listen to in their lifetime.

Styles Davis

Asher Finkel
aka Styles Davis
VP of Marketing

21 years DJing
Los Angeles
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“Super Bowl Sundae” – Ozomatli
I love everything about this track but never had it in my Serato. Thanks, Beatsource! The way the horns, percussion, vocals, and Cut Chemist flow on this track is pure vibes. Great for a day party gig!

“Gat Damn” (The Diamond Mine Sessions) (Amazon Original) – Freddie Gibbs, Madlib
It took me a while to get on the Freddie Gibbs train, but once I did, I found this gem and can’t stop playing it. Gibbs + Madlib on a funky jazz beat equals pure fire.

“That Filthy” – Show Banga, Ronski
This may be the most BAY track of the last decade. The homie Clayton William produced it, and when it comes on, I can’t help but go dumb. If you’re not from Cali, you probably won’t understand it, but trust me, this is a SLAP.

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