DJs love getting their hands on acapellas — and it makes sense why. An acapella, which is the vocal portion of a song, enables DJs to be more creative with their mixes. They can sample them, use them to create remixes, and scratch with them.

But acapellas are hard to find, as not every artist and record label releases them to the public. Thankfully Beatsource has received permission from our artist and label partners to offer DJ Edits on our platform, including acapellas.

Check out our acapella playlists below, organized by genre.

Afrobeats Acapellas
Dance Acapellas
Hip-Hop Acapellas
Latin Acapellas
Pop Acapellas
R&B Acapellas
Reggae & Dancehall Acapellas
Rock Acapellas

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