Beatsource DJ edits

Back in February, we announced a groundbreaking initiative to introduce fully licensed DJ edits to the music industry. We kicked it off by partnering with two of the industry’s biggest independent distributors, EMPIRE and Create Music Group, to bring DJ edits of their tracks to Beatsource. It was just the beginning.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re adding over 100,000 more DJ edits to Beatsource through direct deals with all three major labels and numerous independent labels. This agreement brings a huge catalog of licensed DJ edits to streaming for the first time. Included are over 20 years of edits from the DJcity record pool, not available anywhere else.

The edits include intros, outros, radio versions, instrumentals, acapellas, short edits, hook first versions, and transitions, all of which are available for streaming exclusively on Beatsource.

Our DJ edits initiative is game-changing in three ways:

  1. DJs can now stream fully licensed DJ edits in their DJ software.
  2. It will be the largest library of DJ edits available anywhere.
  3. Artists and labels will now earn royalties when DJs play edits of their tracks.

In addition to DJ edits, Beatsource has also increased the size of its offline locker from 100 to 1,000 tracks. DJs can now save ten times more music for offline play if they don’t have internet access. Both of these features are available in Beatsource‘s Pro+ plan, which is currently available for a limited introductory price of $29.99 a month.

With the addition of DJ edits and an increased offline locker size, Beatsource now has everything an open-format DJ needs.

Check out our Essential Edits playlists below to get started.

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