Your record pool doesn't have this

Record pools were created in the ’70s to provide professional DJs with the latest releases from record labels. Over time these pools expanded to provide edits and DJ tools for radio mix-shows and club gigs, while the core business model remained focused on distributing and promoting new music.

Some pools have ignored the promotional structure of record pools, adding back-catalog music to their libraries, and are now facing a situation where unauthorized content is being removed from their services by the artists and labels that own the copyrights.

Beatsource is not a record pool. We are a fully licensed digital service provider like Spotify or Amazon Music. This allows us to provide the complete back-catalogs of our label partners, as well as all the new releases which are organized specifically for DJs.

We put together a playlist containing music that your DJ record pool doesn’t have, hoping this will help you find the classics and new tracks you desperately need. Check it out below and let us know what other content you can’t find on your DJ record pool. We can get it.

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