5 Clauses For Your DJ Contract

Having a contract for your DJ gigs is crucial. It ensures that both you and your client are on the same page regarding expectations and protects both parties in case there’s a dispute.

Below are 5 clauses for your DJ contract. Hopefully, it will help protect you from any unfortunate situations.

1. Service deliverables
The introductory part of your contract should include event details such as date, set time, your rate, and what your service as a DJ includes. For some, it’s strictly DJ talent. For others it may also include equipment set up or lighting.

2. Payment terms
This is where you clearly state how you accept payments, such as check, credit card, and digital payments.

3. Conditions
Does your DJ setup need to be a certain distance from electrical outlets? Should a meal be provided to you? Are there specific parking or load-in points you require? How is inclement weather handled for outdoor setups? Be sure to provide detailed instances for your protection.

4. Cancellation policy
Consider various instances where your attendance can be affected, such as a cancellation on your part, a client cancellation or a force majeure cancellation.

5. COVID-19 liability waiver
In light of the pandemic, it’s important to convey that your clients should assume all risks associated with hosting in-person events.

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