1. Intro
This is the most basic and useful of all DJ edits. The intro version includes an 8-bar instrumental added to the beginning and end of a track, making it easy for DJs to mix with other tracks.

2. Clean
The clean edit is a version of a track edited to remove explicit words. These are great for DJs who spin when kids are present, on radio stations, or at corporate events.

3. Hook-First
This type of edit is especially useful to party-rocking DJs as it can emphasize the energy of a track by going into the most recognizable part first. It’s created by adding an intro to a track that immediately goes into the chorus rather than the verse.

4. Acapella-In
These edits are great for DJs who blend or mashup tracks in their mix. They typically use 8 bars of an acapella at the beginning of a song that naturally flow into the full track. Use these edits to create interesting mixes and seamless transitions.

5. Clapapella
These are similar to acapella-in edits. They rely on an 8 to 16-bar acapella at the beginning of a track but are supplemented by hand claps. The result is an interesting hybrid of energy and sparseness that DJs use to blend with other tracks or create dynamic transitions.

Learn more about edits here.

Written by Styles Davis

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