5 Rules That Wedding DJs Should Live By

Nick Spinelli is one of the world’s most successful and influential wedding DJs. In addition to having DJ’d hundreds of weddings, the New Jersey native hosts a popular YouTube channel dedicated to the craft. He also curates wedding playlists on Beatsource. Check out his five rules that wedding DJs should live by below.

1. Always meet with the couple

Meeting and talking with the couple in person is imperative before the big day. Ask them what their vibe is, who’s coming to the wedding, what music they listen to, and what differences in musical taste they have. Even a 15-minute meeting can tell you everything you need to know; sometimes, that insight is lost on phone or Zoom meetings.

2. Triple-check the details

Whether it’s a specific version of the first dance song or the pronunciation of the family name, always confirm details and take no chances. It takes zero talent to get this stuff right, and you only have one shot!

3. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Weddings are 80% preparation and 20% execution. Prepare every possible detail for every possible situation. It will make DJing the wedding much less stressful and prevent you from getting caught up in a situation you weren’t ready for. That includes packing extra wires, double-checking the timeline, and rehearsing your announcements.

4. Don’t underdress

Ask beforehand what the attire is, and ensure you dress appropriately and sharply. Nothing takes away your mojo like being underdressed and feeling self-conscious. It makes you look sloppy and reflects poorly on the happy couple.

5. Don’t look at the tip until the end

You can call it superstition, but the DJ gods are real, and in my experience, if you look at the tip, something will go wrong. It could take you out of your element, so save it for after the gig.

Looking for more tips? Watch Spinelli’s interview on The 20 Podcast With DJ Spider.

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