Every DJ receives song requests, but some deal with it better than others. Below are five ways that DJs can handle requests gracefully.

1. Know your client and venue

The music format can vary depending on the gig. If the venue/client books you and asks for a specific format, do your best to accommodate. Politely turn down the request if the song doesn’t fit the format. On the other hand, if there’s no specific format requested, use your best judgment to decide if the request fits the vibe and crowd.

2. Leverage the request

Part of a DJ’s job is to take requests. Whether the request comes from the client who booked you or a venue’s manager, there will always be requests. Don’t underestimate the power of leading with an open mind. Sometimes if you’re stuck on what to play next, a request may open up your creativity and help you flow throughout the event.

3. Be straightforward

Remember that the ultimate decision is yours. If the request fits the format and vibe you’re playing, consider playing the song. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to say no or politely let the requester know you don’t have the song. Don’t ruin a good party to please one person.

4. Take your time

Once you’ve decided to take a request, there’s no need to play it immediately. Knowing when to weave it in at the right time is key.

5. Be professional

Remember that your purpose is to work and be a professional no matter how persistent or distracting someone can be while making a request. Confronting someone in front of an audience or the person who booked you is never worth it.

Written by MISS DJ BLISS