Success isn’t guaranteed. Your DJ career might be going well now, but you could easily fall off. Here’s a list of five ways DJs can stay on point. Hopefully, it will help you achieve and maintain success.

1. Know your equipment
Always be prepared for any technical hiccups. Knowing your DJ equipment inside and out will keep you calm when the unexpected happens. There’s no need to panic and lose your head.

2. Back up your library
Every DJ should back up their music regularly. We all know that one DJ who lost their entire music library and had to start from scratch. Don’t be that DJ. We recommend backing up your library monthly, if not weekly.

3. Know your music
With so much music available, it can be easy to build a library of tracks that you don’t actually know that well. Take the time to study your music, so you know when and where to mix in and out. You’ll sound better for it.

4. Understand mixing in key
Mixing tracks in similar keys and melodies feels good and results in a more cohesive blend. This is a tool rather than a rule, so learn how different keys sound when mixed and implement it into your DJing when appropriate.

5. Read the room
Reading the crowd is a fundamental DJ skill and an important way to improve. Are people going crazy, or is the crowd thinning out? Pay attention to the energy of the room and make sure your music is having the desired effect on the dance floor.

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