Party Mode

Beatport has launched its latest groundbreaking advancement in DJ technology, Party Mode, a new feature in Beatsource DJ and Beatport DJ that enables you to go B2B with up to four DJs from anywhere in the world.

This first-of-its-kind, interactive performance tool has various applications that will revolutionize how DJs perform, learn, connect, and enjoy the art of DJing. For DJs looking to learn the fundamentals or teach them to someone else, Party Mode’s easy-to-use interface makes it an ideal classroom for those looking to start their DJ journey.

Party Mode

Party Mode enables DJs to exchange tracks, dig through the Beatsource and Beatport catalogs to find new music and co-build playlists directly in our web-based DJ software. Additionally, DJs can invite up to 100 fans to watch, listen, and join in real-time with Party Mode’s track request and chat function, all while creating shared playlists that all participants can save.

Beatport first teased the Party Mode feature during its Microsoft Surface Originals showcase, which featured the world’s first remote B2B DJ session with Jamie Jones (performing in Miami) and Loco Dice (performing in Berlin).

Watch Mojaxx’s tutorial below to learn how it works:

Try Party Mode now in Beatsource DJ and Beatport DJ.