Beatsource DJ

The digitalization of DJing has lowered the barrier of entry and opened up DJs to unlimited amounts of music. However, it has also made their workflow more complex, with DJs getting their music from multiple sources and using a variety of software to perform and manage their libraries. The result, as A-Trak has put it, is “a really inefficient system.”

Today, we’ve unveiled a new product in the Beatsource ecosystem to solve that problem: the Beatsource DJ web app. Featuring integrated DJ decks and drag with drop functionality, Beatsource DJ is designed to speed up music discovery, playlist creation, and library management. Whether you’re beginning the DJ journey or building on a veteran foundation, Beatsource DJ is a game-changer.

Beatsource DJ

Jonas Tempel, chief revenue officer at Beatsource, says:

“The biggest time-suck for every DJ is prepping sets. This web app changes everything and helps users quickly find and experiment with music as well as build performance playlists, all without wasting a bunch of time. Then, using our LINK technology, DJs can easily access these playlists inside their go-to performance software like Serato for performance. This makes the workflow of DJing so much faster and makes it fun again.”

Beatsource DJ is now available in public beta to all Beatsource users as part of their subscription. It is available to use with Google Chrome on desktop only.