Radio DJs is one of the largest DJ agencies, with hundreds of members worldwide. Their DJs can be heard weekly by millions of listeners around the US on nationally syndicated shows like The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, Tino Cochino Radio, and others. Check out Radio DJs’ exclusive playlist and interview as part of our Crew Spotlight series:

Who’s in your crew, and where are they located?

Radio DJs is an international talent agency representing over 500 of the best on-air mix DJs, video DJs, corporate and private event DJs, and touring DJs in the world. Our popular DJs regularly share the stage with national recording artists and are often requested to perform for celebrities, pro athletes, and national brands. Not only do we supply marquee talent, but we also serve as national musical brand managers for various retail outlets, bars, restaurants, and sports entertainment venues. Our uniquely creative mixing talents are also heard weekly by millions of listeners on many of the hottest terrestrial and satellite radio stations and channels around the country!

When and why was your crew formed?

In 2015, veteran radio and TV host, Mike Morse, was the executive producer and show director of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, based on 106.1 KISS FM in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to his regular duties, every Friday morning, he also DJ’d a segment on the show called Flush The Format, where he performed a live 15-minute mashup of music from every genre and decade. In an effort to give shine to the different DJs in the 65-plus markets where the show was syndicated, he decided to have a national competition where DJs all over the country would create their own Flush The Format mixes and submit them with the hopes of having their dream of being on the radio come true. This contest was such a success that the show began getting more and more requests from listeners to hire the DJs we heard on the show to perform in their local markets. Due to the overwhelming demand and profit potential, the CEO of the network, George Laughlin, and Mike, created the Experiential Talent Agency, now known nationwide as Radio DJs.

How would you describe your crew’s sound?

Radio DJs’ core philosophy is simple. We don’t “DJ,” we “perform.” Everyone has music, and almost anyone can be a so-called “DJ.” However, very few know how to actually perform. The difference in those two verbs is embedded in Radio DJs’ DNA, and our DJs are challenged to present their crowds’ favorite music in a unique, fun, and inventive way every single time we perform. To achieve this, everyone in the Radio DJs crew is constantly pushing the envelope, evolving, and delivering indelible experiences that people will never forget.

How did they pick the tracks for the playlist?

Our DJs specialize in performing on radio as well as at private events and in clubs. We encouraged our crew to suggest songs that are giving them the best response from their crowds right now while also suggesting songs that are on the verge of being big hits since our DJs are influential tastemakers. The resulting curated playlist is the product of narrowing down the hottest selections suggested by hundreds of the DJs on the team from all across the US!

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