Latin Freestyle
Lil Suzy

Latin freestyle, a.k.a. freestyle music, is an uptempo subgenre of Latin music that developed in New York City and Philadelphia in the 1980s, primarily among Latino Americans and Italian Americans. Musically, it was influenced by electro, and lyrically, it was noted for themes such as love and heartbreak.

According to Wikipedia:

“An important precursor to freestyle is 1982’s ‘Planet Rock‘ by Afrika Bambaataa and The Soulsonic ForceShannon‘s 1983 hit ‘Let the Music Play‘ is often considered the first freestyle song and the first major song recorded by a Latin American artist is ‘Please Don’t Go’ by Nayobe from 1984. From there, freestyle gained a large presence in American clubs, especially in New York and Miami. Radio airplay followed in the mid 1980s.”

Latin freestyle peaked in popularity in the early ’90s but continues to have a passionate fanbase around the US. It is often heard in old-school DJ sets, particularly in cities like New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Notable freestyle artists include Lil Suzy, The Cover Girls, and Angelina.

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