Back in 2021, Numark‘s Mixstream Pro brought standalone Engine OS hardware to an entirely new price category. It allowed users to perform with local or streaming music, with no computer required. The Pro even included built-in speakers. That model needed wall power to operate, but Numark has now released the Mixstream Pro Go, a new addition to the line which includes a battery, for a truly portable all-in-one DJ setup. Mojaxx gives it a full review on this episode of Beatsource Tech.

“Welcome to Beatsource Tech. My name is Mojaxx, and it’s no secret that within the Engine OS ecosystem, there are two products which I really, really like. The first being the very affordable Mixstream Pro from Numark, and the second being the incredibly portable battery-powered PRIME GO from Denon DJ. Well, today, we find out what happens if you mash those two together.”