Pop punk

Pop punk is a subgenre of rock that combines punk rock and pop rock. As its name suggests, the genre is usually more polished and less abrasive than traditional punk.

Bands like The Ramones and The Buzzcocks are often considered pioneers, laying the foundation in the 1970s. The genre evolved in the 1980s, with bands like Descendants and Bad Religion creating the blueprint for decades. In the 1990s, pop punk exploded in popularity, achieving mainstream success through bands like Green Day, The Offspring, and blink-182. The genre was further made popular through the legendary Warped Tour.

Pop punk’s mainstream popularity continued into the 2000s, with bands like Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, and Good Charlotte achieving commercial success. However, the genre declined in the 2010s with pop radio’s shift to dance-orientated music.

Though not traditionally a part of DJ culture, pop punk has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and DJs are increasingly playing it in their sets.

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