June is Pride Month, which recognizes the visibility of LGBTQIA+ individuals. To celebrate, we’ve collaborated with members and allies of the community to curate a collection of DJ playlists that acknowledge the impact of LGBTQIA+ people in the world.

The playlists, which contain tracks across various genres and decades, were curated by CALAGNA from Remix Your World (they/them), popular drag performer Jerrica (she/her), West Hollywood DJ Brynn Taylor (she/her), and ally and activist DJ Dazzler from Beatsource and DJcity (she/her). These individuals are dedicated advocates of the LGBTQIA+ community, having performed and spoken at a wide range of events.

The collection features official Beatsource playlists, including Pride Essentials (curated by CALAGNA), Pride Pop (curated by Brynn Taylor and DJ Dazzler), and Drag Queen Juke Box (curated by Jerrica). There’s also a playlist titled he/she/they Love that contains upbeat gender-neutral songs.

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