5 Careers a DJ Can Pursue

DJing is a tough job to do full-time. Work can be inconsistent, and DJing non-stop can take a toll on your mind, body, and relationships. There’s nothing wrong with being a part-time DJ. After all, some of the best DJs have multiple hustles.

Here’s a list of 5 careers a DJ can pursue outside of DJing. Hopefully, it will help you diversify your income and improve your personal life.

1. Radio station program or music director
Some of radio’s best program and music directors are DJs because they know how to put together songs in a way that makes sense to broad audiences.

2. TV and film music supervisor
DJs are experts at setting the mood and creating memorable moments with the right songs. Many have carved out careers in the TV and film industry as music supervisors.

3. Music service playlist curator
All of Beatsource’s curators are DJs, and their musical expertise makes them the perfect fit for that type of position. There are thousands of businesses specializing in curation services for general consumers.

4. Hotel or retail music supervisor
Businesses in the hospitality and retail industries are always looking to create a vibe for their customers. DJs are the perfect fit to select the soundtrack for these venues. Many DJs are music supervisors at prominent hotels and department stores throughout the world.

5. Talent booker
Many DJs are in charge of booking music talent for nightlife venues. And as DJs, we’re the biggest critics of other DJs, ensuring only the qualified get hired. This approach helps venues hire the best talent for their clientele.

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