Music production is a natural progression for DJs. And many of the best producers are DJs (or started out as DJs) because they know what it takes to move the crowd.

Here’s a list of five steps that DJs can follow to start producing. Hopefully, it will help you jump-start your production career.

1. Chose a digital audio workstation
You may have heard of Ableton, Logic, or Pro Tools. These are examples of digital audio workstations (DAWs), and they vary in price, quality, and features, but they all do the same thing: make music. Do your research and choose the best fit for you.

2. Start your training
All roads begin with training, and YouTube is a great way to get started. Search for basic tips on your DAW, and once you’re ready to advance, invest in personal sessions with other producers, structured tutorials with online schools, or apply to an in-person music education program near you.

3. Define your sound
What type of music do you want to make? It’s important to define your sound. If you envision the end result, it will help you keep focused on your path. You can always deviate, but pick a style first and stick with it to stay aligned during your initial training.

4. Join a community
As you grow, you’ll want to share your progress and ideas with other producers. Communities like Discord and Facebook can aid your development by offering feedback and collaboration opportunities. We all need honest feedback to progress.

5. Release your music
For producers, songs are modern-day business cards. At first, give them to anyone who might value your music. Create a list of DJs you think would play your track and send it to them without asking for anything in return. Be courteous and friendly, and thank them for checking it out. Kindness is key!

Written by Matthew Anthony

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