5 Things DJs Don't Like To Hear

The perception of DJs has changed in recent years, especially with technological advancements, the emergence of celebrity DJs, and the rise of EDM superstars. But the misconceptions can be frustrating for the real DJs out there. Below are five things that DJs don’t like to hear — and how to respond with grace.

1. You just push buttons

Sure, but we also read crowds, match BPMs and keys, and present an advanced music curation through the power of performance. So there.

2. You are not a true musician

Not every DJ knows music theory or plays a traditional instrument, but we are all artists in our own right. To be a halfway decent DJ, you must have a musical inclination, even if that doesn’t fit the traditional paradigm. DJs turn other people’s music into a tapestry of artistic expression.

3. Can I request a song?

There’s a time and place to accept a song request, but as artists (see previous tip), we take pride in curating the vibe during our sets.

4. How hard can DJing really be?

Aside from the hours it takes to source music and build thoughtful sets, it requires a lot of time and sacrifice to be a professional DJ. We miss time with our friends and family so that we can do what we love.

5. Silence

This is the worst thing a DJ can hear. It means that something got messed up or you’re not doing your job well. There’s nothing worse in the world than an abrupt silence in the middle of your set, and there’s nothing better in the world than hearing the crowd cheer while you rock.

Written by Housewife

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