5 Tips for Getting Booked by Luxury Clients

DJs don’t need to limit themselves to club gigs and radio work. Private events for luxury clients can be a great source of income and take your career to a higher level. For this edition of Beatsource Breakdown, DJ Dazzler provides five tips for getting booked by high-end companies. In addition to her club experience, Dazzler has DJ’d for various brands, including Disney, Nike, and Porsche.

1. Align with the client’s values

Luxury clients typically hire DJs who share similar ethics and standards. They also look for specific characteristics like quality, efficiency, and scarcity. Understand their core values and align with them.

2. Showcase your credibility

Presenting yourself as an authority in your craft builds trust with clients. Your social media profiles and other online accounts should showcase you in a way that makes clients feel that you are the perfect and only option for them. This can be accomplished with curated content feeds and reflective and relatable storytelling.

3. Over-communicate and manage expectations

Corresponding regularly with your luxury clients via their preferred method of communication creates a professional experience that they typically don’t get when working with lower-tiered DJs. This builds trust and an understanding of how you operate.

4. Refine your lead source

Evaluate how you receive your leads. Are you attracting luxury clients? Put yourself in a position where you can be seen by prospective clients and easily contacted (website contact form, direct messages, etc.).

5. Presentation is everything

Whether you’re responding to a message in a timely manner, dressing appropriately to gigs, sending a polished contract, or having an aesthetically clean DJ setup, the way you present yourself will contribute to your client’s overall perception of you.

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