5 Ways DJs Can Avoid Burnout

Every DJ strives to get to a place in where their skills support their livelihood. And in the relentless grind to reach that level, there’s always a threat of burnout. This happens to every DJ at some point, whether they fall out of love with the music they’re spinning or with the politics of getting booked and getting paid. For some, it can lead to an exit from the craft altogether.

Here’s a list of five ways DJs can avoid burnout. Hopefully, it will help you keep things in perspective as you work through your DJ career.

1. Practice other genres
DJing with only one genre can get stale after a while. Try diversifying your sound with different musical styles. Your sets will sound fresher, and your skills will get sharper with the more music you play.

2. Step away from the decks
Sometimes you just need to give yourself a complete break. Stepping away from the decks for a few hours or days can help you regain your creative flow and spur your drive to DJ. Watch a movie, take a walk, or go out somewhere for a nice meal. Don’t be afraid to take a break.

3. Learn other DJ skills
There are many skills for a DJ to master. If you’re burnt out on mixing, practice scratching. Learning to beat juggle, trick mix or live blend are all vital skills a DJ can learn. These skills will set you apart from other DJs and ultimately get you more fans.

4. Listen to other DJs
Listening to other DJs can help jumpstart your creative juices. Take a break from your own practicing to hear mixes, live streams, or club sets from DJs you like. You’ll pick up key insights that will push you to play better.

5. Take care of yourself
DJing takes a tremendous toll on the body and mind. Many careers have been cut short by health issues developed from years behind the decks. Pay attention to things like hearing loss, back pain, abnormal sleep behavior, and substance abuse to avoid potential burnout.

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