5 ways to spice up your mixes

In an age where almost everyone is a DJ, it’s important to stand out from the pack with skills and techniques that separate you from a simple “button-pusher.” Going above and beyond basic mixing can win you the attention of clients, fans, and the respect of your peers.

Here’s a list of five ways to spice up your mixes. Hopefully, it will help you advance your mixing skills and grow creatively as a DJ.

1. Dig deeper
Sometimes DJs get in the routine of playing the same tracks in every set. But doing this too often can make you sound stale and predictable. Dig deeper to find unique or forgotten tracks and mix them in with guaranteed hits to add some flavor. You may have to finesse how you drop them in, but it will make your sets more interesting.

2. Use acapellas
Use acapellas to remix tracks that your audience is familiar with. Instead of playing the original track that everyone knows, try blending the acapella over a completely different beat. As long as it sounds good, your audience will recognize that you’re doing more than simply pressing play.

3. Play remixes
As mentioned earlier, you want to stand out from other DJs by playing different tracks. Remixes are great for this purpose as they allow the audience to hear a track they love in a completely new way. Dig deep for obscure or unique remixes that will surprise your crowd.

4. Quick mix
One of the biggest mistakes that DJs make is playing tracks too long. Especially today when people’s attention span is at an all-time low. Avoid this by playing no more than one verse and one chorus of a track. This is not a hard and steadfast rule, but using this strategy will help you keep the energy up and the party moving.

5. Cut it up
Scratching is a technique that takes years to master but adds a whole new dimension to your DJing. The key is to use it tastefully and only when you’ve practiced enough. Study tutorials, learn from other DJs and practice your cuts at home. When you’re ready, implement it into your mixing and you’ll stand out from other DJs who don’t scratch.

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