5 Ways DJs Can Brand Themselves

The most successful DJs often have a unique brand, a distinctive style encompassing their sound, personality, lifestyle, and fashion. It gives fans something to remember them by; otherwise, they’re just another DJ among many DJs.

Here’s a list of 5 ways DJs can brand themselves. Hopefully, it will help you take your career to the next level.

1. Make mixes
Give people a reason to follow you by sharing free mixes that showcase your DJ skills. Host your mixes on a service like Mixcloud so new fans can easily discover your sound and follow you.

2. Livestream your sets
Livestreams allow you to grow your brand by connecting with an audience in real-time. Try creating a theme for your sets, so your audience understands what they’re tuning in to.

3. Work your network
Relationships matter as much as your skills with the platter. Go to clubs and live events to meet people in the industry. Join forums, subreddits, and social media platforms like Discord to connect with DJs globally. These relationships can lead to gigs that you never knew existed.

4. Leverage social media
Use social media to develop your brand identity and market to potential clients. If you’re a wedding DJ, post testimonials of clients who loved your service. If you rock clubs, make sure your page has epic clips of your sets. Your socials are more valuable than a website and should reflect the kind of DJ you are.

5. Stay consistent
Whether you’re producing DJ mixes, livestreams, or social content, stay consistent. This is the key to any success. You may get discouraged at first by low engagement, but stay consistent and your brand will grow.

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