5 tips for growing on Twitch

Twitch was gaining popularity among DJs before COVID, but the pandemic accelerated adoption, and the platform is now an important part of the global DJ scene. Some DJs, especially of the open-format variety, make more money from Twitch than in-person gigs.

But achieving success on Twitch isn’t quick and easy. Below are five ways that DJs can grow their channel. The list was written by DJ Volatile, who has 11,000 followers on his channel and manages Beatsource’s new Mixshow Mondays stream.

1. Create a community

Twitch is all about community and connecting with people. Many Twitch DJs believe that holds more importance and significance than the music when growing your channel. Your focus should be engaging with your audience and encouraging them to engage with you. Treat your audience as your extended family.

2. Forget the numbers

Live stream viewership fluctuates for various reasons, and this data is often a few minutes old, so a drop or spike in viewers isn’t something to worry too much about. Get out of the “I just cleared the dance floor” mentality because Twitch is not a club. Look at your numbers after your stream and study growth over a longer period.

3. Network

The time you spend on Twitch as a viewer is as important as your time streaming. Find DJs who share common musical or technical interests with you. Go to their chat and introduce yourself. You’ll need the support of the Twitch community to accelerate your growth.

4. Schedule

Popping up on a stream “as and when” is all good and should be encouraged, but if you want to grow, you must have some consistency and a time when people know they can catch you. Pick at least one day a week at a time that won’t be affected by your non-streaming life, and never miss a scheduled show unless it’s unavoidable.

5. Ditch the other platforms

Tell your fans on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook about what you’re doing on Twitch, but don’t waste excessive time and resources attempting to “drag them across.” Most of them aren’t interested. Twitch is part of your new DJ schedule, so let everyone know, but your time is better spent focussing on gaining a completely new, global audience.