5 Ways to Improve Your Mixing

The journey to becoming a master DJ involves years of practice and development. And even after clocking 10,000+ hours behind the decks, one’s journey is never really over. There’s always something you can learn or improve on, and even the most talented DJs strive for growth.

Below is a list of 5 ways DJs can improve their mixing. Hopefully, it will help you step up your skills.

1. Prepare your tracks
Prep your music ahead of time by setting cue points, loops, and adding comments. It will allow you to mix faster and help you get familiar with your music library.

2. Try to mix harmonically
Mixing by key allows you to blend tracks smoothly and build or decrease energy with ease. Most DJs do this naturally but using key data can help you mix faster.

3. Listen to other DJs
The best way to get inspired is to listen to other DJs. If you can’t get to the club to hear local DJs, try listening to mixes or watching live streams. Takes notes of what they play and how they play it, and use it to inspire your own style.

4. Practice your craft
This is the most vital way to improve your skills. DJing is an art form and the only way to consistently improve is to practice religiously. If you put the work in, you will be rewarded.

5. Record yourself
This is the equivalent of athletes studying game footage. Record live mixes and listen back to identify weaknesses or mistakes in your DJing. There’s always room to improve and watching or listening to yourself can help you accelerate your skillset.

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