5 Ways to Network as a DJ

Networking is a key part of growing your DJ career. However, some DJs don’t realize the importance of building relationships, while others don’t know how. Below is a list of five ways to network as a DJ. Hopefully, it will help you take your career to a higher level.

1. Be genuine
This supersedes anything else you do. Aim to create real, mutually beneficial human relationships. Selfish networking may get you ahead in the short term but will always cost you your reputation in the long term.

2. Show up
Simply showing up is the best thing you can do to kickstart a relationship. By supporting others, you show that you care about their success, which will make them care about yours.

3. Be professional
Being professional will get you more callbacks in any business situation. Be on time, or better yet, early. Help other DJs with swap-outs and watch their sets. Always thank the security, bar, and wait staff. Don’t pretend to be a superstar (because you’re not).

4. Build your skills
You’ve got to be ready when an opportunity presents itself. Take time to build your craft and figure out what unique value you bring to the table. Master that, and be ready with it.

5. Ask for it
Once you’ve built genuine relationships and have something of value to provide, ask for what you want! You may hear no (multiple times), but you have to create your own opportunities. Putting yourself out there is the key to making something out of nothing.

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