The Roster is a national DJ crew with members in San Diego, Chicago, Dallas, and other major markets. In addition to rocking clubs and airwaves, members of The Roster also DJ for pro sports teams and compete in battles. The crew hosts two shows on SiriusXM and Pitbull‘s Globalization channel: The Roster Radio (Thursday nights) and The Flip (Saturday nights).

Check out their exclusive playlist and interview for our Crew Spotlight series:

Who’s in your crew, and where are they located?

When and why was your crew formed?

The Roster was formed in 2014 to supply a demand in San Diego for highly skilled, professional, and well-known DJs by venues that didn’t have access to those types of DJs.

How would you describe your crew’s sound?

Collectively we are an eclectic and versatile group of open-format DJs that can fill any dance floor. You will always get great energy, creativity, and good vibes from our sets.

How did they pick the tracks for the playlist?

Each DJ picked a category or genre in which they have the most familiarity. We wanted to make sure each DJ was selecting tracks they regularly use in their own sets.

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