Disco is a subgenre of pop that developed in the US in the late 1960s. The genre, which has origins in soul and funk, is considered the first form of modern dance-based pop music. It, alongside hip-hop and reggae, played a key role in the development of DJ culture.

Disco was named after discotheques, clubs that played music for dancing. In the early years, most discotheques were gay clubs in New York. Some of the records that were played received radio play and respectable sales. Eventually, record labels started producing songs specifically for discos. By the late ’70s, rock bands like The Rolling Stones and pop stars like the Bee Gees scored crossover hits. Even jazz artists caught the bug and released disco-influenced singles.

Though disco’s popularity declined in the early ’80s, the genre’s biggest hits have remained popular throughout the years. There are still DJs who spin disco sets, many of which incorporate soul and funk. Some hip-hop and house DJs also include disco in their sets, as it mixes well with those genres. And, of course, disco remains a staple in many weddings and corporate events.

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